Stress number of symptoms. Stress symptoms generated.

Stress Symptoms

Stress symptoms generated

Stress number of symptoms

There are a big number of symptoms generated by the so called stress:

1- General irritability, hyper-excitation or depression. This goes associated with aggressive reactions or, on the contrary, indolence or indifference.

2- Cardiologic palpitation, which indicates that arterial tension is high, and it can create a strong pain on the chest and lack of oxygen.

3- Dryness on mouth and throat.

4- Impulsive reactions and great irritability on personality.

5- Unstoppable impulses to shout.

6- Incapacity to concentrate, with the thoughts floating and a general disorientation. Repetitive with some kind of problem.

7- Feeling of weakness or vertigo.


8- Predominant tiredness feeling and lack of happiness towards life.

9- Floating anxiety, to have constant fear not knowing why, or to what.

10- Feeling of extra excitement.

11- Shakings, nervous tics.

12- Nervous laughter.

13- Exaggerated freak-outs with any unusual noise.

14- Stutter when talking.

15- Strong pressure on the teeth.

16- Conciliation insomnia: difficulty to fall asleep. Or insomnia to awake: the person wakes up before and cannot fall asleep again.

17- Incapacity to relax, moving from one place to another.

18- Excessive sweating, in presence of great hot. Hands cold or sweaty.

19- Frequent need to pee.

20- Diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Signs of gastrointestinal disease or constipation.

21- Strong headaches.

22- Pre-menstrual tension or changes in the menstrual cycle.

23- Pain on the neck and the back due to tensions on the back muscles.

24- Lack of appetite or excess of appetite. This happens because of the stress’ ability to modify nervous aspects of the brain related to the sense of anxiety or pleasure.

25- Lack of appetite due to the gastrointestinal disease. The person gets to an anemic state which carries more stress and more unhappiness with the own body.

26- Increase in smoking habit.

27- Increase in the use of prescribed and legal medicine.

28- Addiction to alcohol and illegal drugs. Our feeling of pleasure is dissatisfied, so we hide behind this mask of illegal substances not to face the problems.

29- Frequent and repetitive nightmares.

30- Neurotic behavior.

31- Psychosis, a distortion view of the reality.

32- Tendency to accidents, which many times answer to a suicidal behavior.

33- Sadness, feeling of insecurity and fear, desperation and isolation.

34- Deficient personal hygiene, careless about clothes or anything similar.

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