What is stress? - On the limit situations


What is stress?

On the limit situations

Each and every day of our lives, we face problems which tend to be stressing, daily stuff that put people against important challenges. Been that said, we can conclude that stress is something that appears when a person faces a challenging situation. If this situation is solved naturally, without difficult inconveniences, it may be possible not to get stressed, but when a situation takes a path we didn’t expected, that’s when the stress appears, after the frustration or discontent that the situation provokes.

Pain, can also give us a not only frustrating feeling, but a very unpleasant one, which can be turned into stress easily. Because of this, all of our body segregates hormones and metabolites which are a product of this stressing situation. Depending on the way we take this challenge of the stress, the way in which it affects our health will be different.

Then, the mixture of physical and mental tensions to which we are exposed constantly, can create a stress situation on a daily basis. Children have also high tensions caused by challenges that help them to develop new abilities and patrons of behavior. However, when this turns to be excessive, it can be destructive. So much tension in our mind and body can create a feeling of tiredness, unhappiness, and lead to an undesirable situation of general discomfort.

When this happens, it is normal to feel and overwhelming sensation. We start to sense that there are many things to do in a very short time, or we start to feel angry and in a very bad mood with ourselves and the rest of the people, then it feels as if everything we do is bad and has no chances of working.

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